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Perfect eyebrows should be no mystery and certainly no torture! Whether thin or patchy brows, with bestsellers like our Soap Booster and Brow Glue, we have the right solution and the perfect product for every eyebrow dilemma.

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Perfect for fixing individual hairs, for the laminated Brow Look or for particularly stubborn eyebrows. A must-have for every Brow-Aholic.

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Give your brows more volume & hold and achieve the popular feathered brow look or create your own look.

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Feathered Brows

With our guides, you'll learn how to properly style your brows with our Brow Soap.

Brow Soap Manual - Brow Soap Mistakes


Eyebrow plucking

Learn how to pluck your eyebrows into shape with our guides.

How to pluck the right way


Eyebrow trimming

With our guides you will learn how to trim your eyebrows properly.

How. totrim your eyebrows

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Brow Glue vs Brow Soap

Brow Glue vs Brow Soap

As most of you know, you can now buy our beloved LIFT ‘EM UP Brow Glue by itself. Until recently, our brow glue was only available in our Brow Lam...

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