Brow Soap

Whether you like the feathered & laminated brow look, something more natural or defined, with our bestselling brow soap you can tame and shape your brows in just a few steps. Choose between transparent or brown and turn your brows into wow-brows!

Double Trouble Brow Soap Set - BROWLYDouble Trouble Brow Soap Set - BROWLY

Double Trouble Brow Soap Set

Brow Set - BROWLYBrow Set - BROWLY

Brow Set

Laminate & Lift Bundle - BROWLYLaminate & Lift Bundle - BROWLY

Laminate & Lift Bundle

Soap Booster Trio - BROWLYSoap Booster Trio - BROWLY

Soap Booster Trio

Soap Booster - transparent - BROWLYSoap Booster - transparent - BROWLY

Soap Booster - transparent

Soap Booster - braun - BROWLYSoap Booster - braun - BROWLY

Soap Booster - brown


How To


Wet the brow soap or the brow brush with 1-2 pumps of Face Spritz.


Gather a thin layer of product using the spoolie brush.


Brush brows downwards to coat them with the product. Then brush them up and into the preferred shape.


Use the Face Spritz as a setting spray, primer, toner or refresher throughout the day.