Our tweezers come in three shapes: straight, slanted and pointed, each has a different function. The straight tweezer grabs several hairs at once, the slanted tweezer has the ideal angle to glide along the brow bone and the pointed tweezer grabs very thin and short hairs thanks to its ultra fine tip. For the best plucking result, you should change the tweezers between the individual plucking areas.

Pinzetten Set - BROWLYPinzetten Set - BROWLY

Tweezer Set

Pinzette - spitz - BROWLYPinzette - spitz - BROWLY

Tweezer - pointed

Pinzette - gerade - BROWLYPinzette - gerade - BROWLY

Tweezer - straight

Pinzette - schräg - BROWLYPinzette - schräg - BROWLY

Tweezer - slanted