Hello! We are BROWLY and we are Brow-Aholics.

We are here to revolutionize the world of brows. We believe it's time to have a one-stop-shop for brow products. We've made it our mission to put an end to the jungle of products and decided to develop something from scratch instead of trying to make existing beauty products better.

We believe in reliable products without false promises.
Our philosophy? Smart, Easy Brows. Your products should do what they promise while being easy to use and of high quality. BROWLY was developed, initially from the living room, with lots of patience, perfectionism and attention to detail. Our products are multifunctional, practical and made to last a lifetime.

Professional quality @Home

Why should only professionals have access to the best products and insider tips? We bring the quality and high standards of the pros to your home so that you can style your brows like a pro - effortlessly and from the comfort of your own home.

Always by your side

We know how frustrating it can be when you buy new products and don't get the desired results. Most of the time, a wrong application or product is at fault. With BROWLY, all this comes to an end. We'll guide you, help you pick the best products for your needs, show you how to use our products correctly, answer all your brow questions and share our insights, facts and best brow tips with you. With our brow guides, you'll learn everything about brows, our products, how to use them and become a brow expert step-by-step. With us, you're never alone. Our brow experts are always here to help you and are happy to give you one-on-one guidance. Simply book a call. Perfect WOW BROWS shouldn't be a mystery and certainly not difficult to achieve!

We're driven by innovation and passion. We work closely with our community to create innovative and effective eyebrow products that make life easier and are affordable for everyone - high quality at a fair price. Together with our incredible team of responsible beauty lovers, creative minds and experts, we want to make beauty sustainable for you and our planet. We can proudly say that all of our products are "cruelty-free and vegan". Even our packaging follows the motto "Green is the new Black". We, therefore, mainly use recycled or recyclable materials and try to avoid any unnecessary packaging waste.

Let's become Brow Besties.

"No matter what your dream eyebrows are, be it bushy, thin, voluminous, dark, natural... we want to show you how to get them - effortlessly and with as few products as possible."

Let's change the world of brows together. Stay tuned for many great and revolutionary brow products.