Find the right tweezer for your needs

Have you ever wondered which tweezer shape is right for you, or what the shape actually means? Each of our tweezers is designed to perform a specific plucking task. Which tweezers are right for you depends on your plucking needs:

+ grabs multiple hairs at once
+ quick & easy plucking
+ ideal for large area plucking

Use the straight tweezers for hairs above and between the brows, the lady's beard, the bikini area or to remove many small facial hairs, also called peach fuzz.

+ angled tip
+ aligns to the brow bone
+ perfect all-rounder: combines the straight and the pointed tweezers

The angled tip makes the slanted tweezers perfect for removing hairs below the eyebrow and along the brow bone. You can also use them for other plucking regions and individual hairs.

+ sharp, precise tip
+ ideal for ultra-accurate plucking
+ grips any hair, no matter how fine or thin

Our pointed tweezers are ideal for removing single eyebrow hairs, ingrown hairs, split ends or fine nail art.

To sum it up, which tweezers are right for you all depends on where you want to pluck and what you want to achieve. Do you simply want to do a quick pluck or just remove a few hairs between beauty visits? Are you looking for an all-rounder? Are you a plucking beginner or expert?

If you want all-rounder tweezers that are good at everything, then the slanted tweezer is your perfect match. If you want to pluck your brows like a pro and stop fretting about not being able to grab individual hairs, our tweezer set is perfect for you.