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If you ask make-up artists what the secret of big, bushy eyebrows is, we can guarantee that they will recommend Brow Soap to you. Inspired by an old-school make-up hack (using a bar of soap to shape the brows), we're going a step further and offering eyebrow-safe soap in a practical, eco-friendly booklet with mirror and brush. 100% mess-free!

Our natural and vegan formula is especially suitable for use on the eyebrows. Designed to stay on the skin (instead of being washed off), our Soap Booster is free of fragrances, dyes and foaming agents, so the soap will not lather, cause irritation or leave unwanted white residue on your eyebrows.

Fascinated? It's so easy to get the perfect eyebrows:


1. It's best to style your brows before you put on any other makeup. Make sure your brows and brush are clean. There shouldn't be any make-up residue in them.

2. If you want to fill in or define your brows, you can do this before or after using Brow Soap. Simply test what works best for you.

3. spray 3 splashes of BROWLY Face Spray on the Brow Brush or 1-2 splashes directly into the Soap Booster and carefully take up a little product with the brush (tip: bend the brush slightly to get better access to the product).

4. Start at the arch of the brow and brush your brows upwards and into the desired shape (tip: for an even stronger hold, start by brushing your brows downwards and then upwards.).

6. Use the angled brush to style individual hairs and remove any excess product.

Insider tip
No desire for annoying baby hair? No problem, the Soap Booster is not only the perfect wonder weapon in terms of eyebrows, but is also perfectly suited to fix even the smallest and most annoying baby hair. Ciao Cocoa Baby Hair.

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