The BROWLY Pro Tweezers are handmade in Germany by a total of 6 people over several days.

We at BROWLY find it very important to support regional companies. Our tweezers are handmade at a German, family-run manufactory, which is in line with our high quality-, environmental- and work standards.

Curious how the BROWLY Pro Tweezers are made?
First, the blank is punched out of the raw sheet metal with a punching machine. Then the tweezers are ground and the two halves are welded together by hand. Next, the tweezer tips are hand by hand-filed with the utmost precision. Then the tweezers are colored. This is also done by hand. Now the inner sides of the tips are hand-filed to a hairline finish and our logo is printed on the tweezers. Finally, the small rubber cap, which holds the tweezers together, is cut by hand. The finished tweezers are carefully checked by trained eyes and are only released for sale, if they meet all quality requirements. The finished tweezers are packed with love and sent to you.

And that's not all, all of our products are designed to be environmentally friendly. That's why our tweezers are not packed in plastic. We also keep our packaging as minimal as possible to avoid any unnecessary packaging waste.