Check out our Brow Soap Guide where we explain how to use our brow soap correctly and how to avoid the most common brow soap mistakes. Click here to see our guide.

Grab your favorite setting spray (e.g. BROWLY Face Spritz) and wet the brow brush or Soap Booster. Rub the brow brush over the soap until it becomes paste-like, and coat it with a thin layer of product. Then brush your brows into the desired shape. Voilà! Once the product has dried, your eyebrows will last all day and night. If needed, sparse areas or plucking mistakes can be filled in with an eyebrow-powder, pomade or pencil.


For an even stronger hold, make sure to brush your brows downwards first i.e. towards the eye, to get them fully coated with the product, before brushing them into place. To get the beloved laminated brow look, you can use your finger or the wooden side of the brush to press your brows against the skin until they literally stick to it.