10 mistakes you should avoid when plucking your eyebrows

#Eyebrowsonfleek - eyebrows, a tricky subject. Eyebrows frame your face. The shape of the brows can enhance your natural features and balance them out. Like eye colour and face shape, eyebrows are unique. Some are thin, some are thick, some are sparse, and some are so bushy that they don't need any filling-in. Unfortunately, we sometimes overpluck them and end up with too thin or even crooked eyebrows.

It's time to change that! To save you from uneven and overplucked brows, we've listed 10 basic eyebrow mistakes that you should definitely avoid! Let's up your brow game!

1. You use a magnifying mirror

When it comes to make-up, magnifying mirrors are a great thing. But if you want to pluck your eyebrows, you shouldn't be relying on them! Magnifying mirrors make your eyebrows look huuuuuge! Which makes you tend to over pluck. So here's a rule: if you can't pluck without one, make sure you stand back and look at your brows in a normal mirror from a distance after every few plucks. Plus, make sure you see your entire face and that the lighting is good.

2. You pluck without make-up

Do you pluck your brows without any make-up on? Then you're doing it wrong. Plucking your eyebrows with a bare face makes you tend to lose sight over the desired shape which leads to overplucking. If you pluck your brows after you've done the brow make-up, you'll only pluck the stray hairs while keeping the desired shape.

3. You're not plucking above the brow

Many people forget to pluck above the brow. Plucking only the dark brow hairs can lead to an uneven and unclean look. Although the fine hairs that grow close to the upper eyebrows look almost invisible, powder and make-up residue often sticks to them, making your brows look less defined and the overall make-up cakey. Rule: Don't forget to pluck above the brows. Our pro-tip: To remove the thin hairs above the eyebrows more easily, we recommend using tweezers with a straight tip. The straightBROWLY Pro tweezers are ideal for removing hairs quickly and extensively. You can also use an eyebrow shaper/ shaver to get rid of the fine hairs above the brows. Shaving your face will also give you an amazing glow as it peels your skin. Double plus ;-)

4. You're plucking in the wrong direction

Where do you start plucking? Front or back? If your answer is in the front, then you're committing one of the 10 eyebrow mistakes... Starting at the front of the eyebrows, working backwards makes you risk plucking too much in the front and having to pluck even more in the back to even it out. The best way is to start at the thickest part of your brow. For most people, this is usually the middle part of the eyebrow. If you adjust the middle section to the remaining look of the brow, you'll keep the natural brow shape while only removing as many hairs as necessary.

5. You pluck your eyebrows BEFORE you shower

Tweezing hurts. But you can make it a lot more comfortable if you pluck your eyebrows AFTER showering. The warmth opens the pores and softens the hair follicles, so you can remove the hair more easily and painlessly. Bonus: Plucking after showering also relieves redness and irritation. So you don't have to walk around with red bars anymore ;-). Should you still have irritated skin, we recommend the BROWLY Face Spray. The natural antioxidants and vitamins, as well as the rose water have a calming effect on the skin and can alleviate redness and skin irritations.

6.You apply cream on your eyebrows

If you moisturize your face in the morning and evening, that's great, but would you also smear your face cream on your hair? Absolutely not! Avoid rubbing creams, gels or oils in your eyebrows! These things don't nourish your brows. On the contrary, creams penetrate the root and clog the pores, which can slow down hair growth and even lead to hair loss. Bye-bye, thick eyebrows... bye-bye, Cara Delevingne...

7. You overpluck between your eyebrows

Most of us don't want a monobrow like Sophia Hadjipanteli… But when plucking between the eyebrows, you should be a little careful. The more significant the gap between the eyebrows, the wider the face appears. Here's a simple rule of thumb to remember: "The beginning of your brows should never align with your nostril, but rather they should align with the top bridge of the nose."

8. You pluck every day

Are you a perfectionist and pluck your eyebrows every day? We strongly advise against it! Constant plucking can quickly lead to overplucking and overall thinner brows. Advice: Pluck your brows every 1-2 weeks (depending on the strength of the hair growth). And no! no one will notice if you don't eliminate every little hair that comes back ;-)

9. You've been using the same tweezers forever

If you can no longer grab your hairs properly, it may be because you are using the wrong or bad tweezers. Just like razors, most tweezers eventually become blunt. When buying tweezers, there are quite a few things you should watch out for... Handmade tweezers, for example, are higher quality than machine-made tweezers. Likewise, it is important that the tweezers have thin, tightly closing tips and the ideal tension. Our tweezers are handmade in Italy by six employees over five. This time intensive production process is the only way we can achieve the high precision, quality and long life. All our Brow Tools have a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. With our tweezers, no hair slips by.  

By the way, you should clean your tweezers from time to time, because skin flakes, cream residues and old make-up can settle on them and cause inflammations in the pores when plucked. We also recommend spraying the BROWLY Face Spray on the face after plucking, because it has an antibacterial and calming effect and can thus possibly prevent inflammation.

10. Brows are sisters not twins

Many of us think eyebrows should be identical and spend ages trying to get them to look precisely the same. Girls! Stop wasting your time. Work to make each brow look perfect, not identical. Solution: Stop trying to pluck eyebrows until they are mirror images of each other. Try to make them look similar. You can always balance them out by applying brow products.