The brushed up brow


Brushed-up brows are bushy, structured yet soft brows that look effortless and natural. They go hand in hand with the hip "No Make-up" make-up look. You've certainly seen them on catwalks, in magazines and on Instagram models and the like. Those bushy brows are everywhere. One can even speak of an invasion of the brushed-up browsers. No wonder. This style makes every eyebrow look more voluminous and let's be honest, we all dream of voluminous eyebrows! No matter what you wear, bushy eyebrows complete your look and give you a casual yet chic touch.


The brushed up brow is for every brow out there. It doesn’t matter if your brows are bushy or thin, the brushed up brow will get any brow into shape.

Taming bushy brows has never been this simple – all you need to do is set your brows in place with the BROWLY Brow Booster. Don’t have bushy brows? Don’t worry. This look isn’t just for those who are blessed with brows like Cara Delevigne, it also works great on those of us, how have sparse brows and want to fake a fuller look. Just don’t forget to fill in any gaps by creating hair like strokes using a precise brow pencil. Told you, no brows, no problem.


Do you have flat brows and finally want to style them with ease? Then check out the below steps. Don’t worry if your natural brow shape isn’t flat, we have some tips and tricks on how you can fake it ;)

Step 1
Grab that Brow Brush and that BROWLY Face Spritz. Spray 1 spritzer Face Spritz right into the
BROWLY Brow Booster.
Step 2

Coat the brush with the BROWLY Brow Booster (less is more - read more here how to use the BROWLY Brow Booster). Apply the product into the brows from bottom to top and brush them vertically to achieve the brushed up look. Use the angled brush to get individuals hairs into shape.

Pro-Tip: to get an even longer lasting and fully brushed up look, apply a little bit of pressure when brushing the brows upwards (as if you want to ‘stick’ your brows to your skin).

Step 3
If you’re blessed with naturally full brows, you can call it a day and stop right here. However, if your brows are on the sparse side, you might want to fill in any gaps or irregularities using a thin brow pencil. Do so by drawing thin hair like strokes.