6 hacks how to make your brow look last

We all know the disappointment, having sleek as f*** brows in the morning and having to watch them disappear during the day. Urgh, the struggle is real. But don’t worry, when it comes to making your brow look last, we got a few hacks up our sleeves.

Hack 1. Choose products that last

Ok, this might seem like an obvious hack, but one that can make a huge difference. If you have normal to combination skin, you can get away with pretty much any powder, pomade or pencil, but if you’ve got oily skin, you need something that lasts. Look for products that are long-lasting and waterproof. Often gel formulas stay on longer compared to powdery formulas.

Hack 2. Make sure your brows are dry & clean

Clean brows absorb brow products much better, which will result in longer-lasting brows. Before styling, make sure your brows are dry and that you don’t have any excess make-up and oil on them. Once you’ve done your foundation etc. simply take a cotton swab, some water or make-up remover and gently rub over your brows. Then pat them dry and style as usual.

Hack 3. Avoid creams

Your brows are literally the only place on your face where you should not be putting any creams or serums. For starters, it’s regularly argued that skincare products can potentially block the hair follicles and prevent your brows from growing. And when it comes to long-lasting brow looks, skin products are your enemy. Why? The nourishing, creamy, water-or-oil-based ingredients cling to your brow hairs, making them wet and slippery. As a result, your brow products won't “stick” to your brows and will simply “slide off” and fade during the day.

Good to know: In comparison to gel-formulas, powder products actually last longer if your brows are a little wet. The next time you use a brow powder, see if you get better staying power when your brows are a little wet or waxy.

Hack 4. Use a primer

If your brow products are not staying on all day, try using a brow primer. The waxy consistency will give you the perfect base for flawless brows and enhance the color payoff and wear.

Hint: Brow primers typically work best with powders and are not so great with wax or gel-like products

Hack 5. Set your brows

Are you using a setting spray to set your make-up look? If the answer is yes, then you should also be using a brow setter to set your brow look. And if the answer is no, you should still be using a brow setter ;) It’s the same principle as with your make-up or hair, once you finished styling it, you need to set it. We recommend using a clear and transparent brow gel or brow setter.

Our tip: Once your brows are defined and filled in, use our brow glue to set them into place.

Hack 6. Try mixing textures

Are you just using one brow product? If yes, try using several brow products with different textures, such as powdery, gel-like, waxy etc.