Brow Glue vs Brow Soap

As most of you know, you can now buy our beloved LIFT ‘EM UP Brow Glue by itself. Until recently, our brow glue was only available in our Brow Lamination Kit. However, since so many of you loved it and literally begged us to offer it as an individual product, we couldn’t have your brow hearts stay broken any longer. Now our brow glue is available as an individual brow styling product and even comes with an eco-friendly bamboo spoolie.

But with the introduction of our brow glue comes the question, what’s the difference between our brow glue and brow soap?

Good question! While our Brow Glue is also a brow styling product, it is different from the transparent Soap Booster. Here are a few differences:

Let’s start with the obvious one, the application. Brow Soap needs to be activated with a setting spray before use. The brow glue can be applied on its own.

What’s included
Both, our Soap Booster and Brow Glue come with an added brow brush. The Soap Booster comes with our mini wooden brush, while the brow glue comes with our eco-friendly bamboo spoolie. Why the different brushes? Each brush is specifically designed for its application purpose to give you the best results. Our mini wooden brush has full, resistant yet soft bristles to evenly distribute the brow soap. The bamboo spoolie has stiffer and shorter bristles, which are ideal for applying the gel-like consistency of the brow glue

Depending on how much brow soap and moisture you use, the consistency with the Soap Booster can vary from hard to waxy. When applied, the brow glue has a gel-like and slightly gooey texture but dries completely dry without leaving a rigid or stiff feeling.

Depending on which brow soap consistency you prefer, you can still comb through and reshape your brows as needed after styling. With our brow glue, this is not the case. After you apply the brow glue and shape your brows, your brows will be “stuck” into place, meaning you can’t brush through and reshape them again (don’t worry, the glue is lightweight, so you won’t actually feel any product on your brows).

Brow Look
With the Soap Booster you can achieve the popular feathered brow look, making it look like you just had a brow lamination. It’s basically an everyday brow lift that will separate the individual brow hairs, giving your brows more volume and hold. Of course, you can also style your brows more naturally and subtly if you want to. With the brow glue, you can create a bushy and natural and defined brow look. However, it won’t give you that fully laminated brow look.

3D effect
With the Soap Booster, you can laminate your brows until they literally lie flat against your skin. Looking from the side, they won’t have any three-dimensional volume but will look relatively “flat” and sleeky. While this is technically also possible with our brow glue, the glue is mainly used to give your brows a 3D effect, i.e. the eyebrows do not lie flat against the skin and, when you look from the side, protrude naturally from the skin

Brow Soap is applied to the entire brow. However, our brow glue has a precision applicator. It can be applied to the entire eyebrow or individual brow hairs, giving you added precision and letting you fix individual, stubborn brown hairs particularly well.

The hold
Both products have a super strong hold and will keep your brows in place all day.

Other eyebrow products
Our brow glue is particularly suitable if you want to combine it with other eyebrow products. You can define your brows beforehand using an eyebrow powder, pencil or pomade and then fix the hairs into shape using the brow glue.

In summary, our brow glue does its name all honor - it glues your brows in place. Whether you want to create bushy brows, set your brow look, or tame stubborn brow hairs, our LIFT ‘EM UP Brow Glue is the perfect tool for any brow desire. It’s super easy to use, practical and perfect for on the go.

Still unsure which product suits you best? Drop us a message we’ll help you figure it out ;)