Brow Problem: Why your brows are falling out and what to do about it

Do you dream of full, bushy eyebrows? But instead, your brows are getting thinner, more patchy or even falling out? Brow hair loss can have a variety of causes. Often you read that genetic factors, deficiencies, or possible diseases are the root cause, but most of the time, brow hair loss comes about due to simple and luckily easily fixable causes. Here, we will get to the bottom of brow hair loss and explain how you can prevent it.

Before we go into detail, you should know a few things about the growth of your eyebrows:

  • You may not see it at first glance, but each eyebrow is made up of hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of tiny hairs.
  • Eyebrow hairs have a growth cycle of about 4 months. In the first phase, the hairs grow about 0.3mm per day for 30 days. Then comes the resting phase, during which the hairs remain intact. In the last phase, the hairs fall out and make room for new hairs. In comparison, eyelashes have a growth cycle of 3 months and head hair of 2 to 6 years.
  • Eyebrows, just like all other hair, grow faster in the summer. The reason: warm temperatures boost blood circulation and thus cell activity.
  • Like the hair on your head, you regularly lose brow hairs and eyelashes. So don't worry if you're losing a few eyebrow hairs every now and then.

Eyebrow Hair Loss: These could be the reasons for the brow problem

    You don't remove your make-up

    The worst thing you can do as a make-up wearer? Go to bed with make-up on! An absolute NO GO! Yes...we've all done it at one time or another. Especially in our teenage years and after long nights (when we've had too much to drink ;-))... But at the latest, when you wake up the following day with sticky eyelashes, panda eyes and pimples, you know that make-up has no place on your skin when you sleep. If you don't remove your make-up before going to bed, overnight, the hair follicles can get clogged by make-up, talc and sweat - the skin can't breathe. This can lead to pimples, clogged pores and hair loss. Plus, styling products like our Brow Glue keep your brows firmly in place, making them stiff. The friction on the pillow can then literally rip out your eyebrows. Conclusion: No matter how late it is, no matter how drunk you are, removing your make-up is a MUST!

    You remove your make-up incorrectly

    If you remove your make-up too roughly and use back and forth rubbing motions, you can tear out your eyelashes and brows. Next time you take off your make-up, look at your cotton pad. If you find multiple eyelashes or brow hairs, this could be a sign that you are removing your make-up incorrectly. Whether you use a cleansing tissue, micellar water, or make-up remover, you must use gentle motions, preferably in the direction of hair growth. Our tip: Let the make-up remover soak in for a few moments before you start rubbing. Products like our Soap Booster and Brow Glue hold your brows in the desired position, making them kind of "stiff". If you start rubbing directly, you may tear out individual hairs, as the products hold them firmly in their shape. By letting the make-up remover soak, the styling product softens, and the brows become more flexible again.

    You brush through your brows after styling them

    Once you've styled and shaped your brows, you shouldn't touch them again and certainly not brush through them again. After styling your brows with products such as our Brow Glue and Soap Booster, your brows will be fixed in their position and will no longer be moveable. If you then comb through your brows again, you can tear them out. This scenario is very similar when it comes to hair gel or hairspray. Once applied, you can't brush through your hair again; otherwise, you feel a tweet. There is usually no tweet with brows, so you often won't even notice that we are pulling out our brow hairs. Luckily if you pull out a few head hairs, you won't notice anything. Unfortunately, it's different with brows - even a few missing hairs can lead to visible gaps.

    You are a brow lift addict

    Brow laminations are totally in trend. Who doesn't want perfect eyebrows that stay in shape for weeks? But beware. If you go for a Brow Lift regularly, you could soon be wondering about thinner, crinkled or patchy brows. A Brow Lift is a chemical treatment in which the eyebrow structure is broken up, reshaped, and eventually closed again. This damages the brow hairs - just like a perm or hair dye damages the hair on your head. Therefore, you should take good care of your brows after a Brow Lift and give them enough time to regenerate. We recommend that you leave at least four, preferably six weeks between Brow Lift treatments. Ideally, you should skip a brow lift every now and then and give your brows a break of several weeks. By the way: Stay away from cheap DIY home kits. Instead, go to a beauty salon of your choice or use high-quality home kits. You really shouldn't save money here. Once the hair is damaged, only time can heal. You can use a brow oil and growth serum to accelerate the growth process.

    You are using the wrong products

    Many don't know that the choice of eyebrow products and tools can affect hair growth. Dehydrating ingredients, SLS & SLES, parabens, silicones and microplastics can accelerate skin & hair ageing. You could also have an intolerance to a product or ingredient. Do you have dry, itchy or red patches on your brows? Then you better discontinue the product and see if it gets better. In general, it's best to choose brow products containing natural and nourishing ingredients. Our Definitely High Brow Highlighter is made of 100% natural ingredients.

    Brow tools such as brushes that are very hard should be tossed immediately. They can irritate the skin, pull out hairs and lead to gaps over time. The brush and bristles of our Duo Brow Brush are gentle on the skin and glide effortlessly through the brows.

    In short, always pay attention to the quality of products, brushes and tools used.

    You pluck too much

    If you over plucked your brows in the 2000s, you know the Struggle. Once your brows are plucked thin, it's almost impossible or takes ages to get them back to their original shape and density. But why is that? Regular plucking can cause permanent damage to the papilla (the physiological control centre of hair growth). As a result, the hair will not grow back. So the next time you pluck, think twice about whether the hair really needs to go.

    Optical illusion

    Do you think you have thinner and fewer brows than you used to have? It could just be an optical illusion, and your brows simply became lighter. Is your last brow tint a while ago? Have you had a brow lift recently? This can make your brows appear lighter. Brows also get lighter with age. In general, tinting your brows can make them appear fuller, darker and bushier. Trust us, the difference can be huge!

    Your brows are stressed

    Brow lifts, eyebrow tinting, styling products, brushing... - all put a strain on your brows. Sometimes your brows just need a little more care and love to stay healthy. Use brow oil before bed to nourish your brows and keep them smooth.


    Stress can have a negative impact on the body in many ways and can lead to hair loss on the head and the brows. Have you been under a lot of stress lately? Are you feeling irritable? Is something bothering you? Try meditation or relaxation exercises. They won't solve the problem, but they will help you deal with it and think more clearly.


    With age, our hair becomes thinner and fewer; this also applies to eyebrows. Why? Over time, the production of new hair slows down or even stop altogether. Likewise, hair loses color and becomes lighter and grayer as we age. If you find that you have less and less brow hairs over time and after a certain age, it may simply be a natural ageing process. For more fullness, use a growth serum. We recommend using an eyebrow powder for daily styling, as it adds fullness and dimension. Alternatively, you can consider getting your brows microbladed. However, this is a permanent treatment and should be well thought through.


    Metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, thyroid insufficiency or thyroiditis can affect hair growth. For example, in the case of hyperthyroidism, hair growth is accelerated by the increased production of thyroid hormones. However, the hair then also falls out more quickly. On the other hand, in the case of thyroid insufficiency, hair growth is impaired due to the deficiency of thyroid hormones. Similarly, autoimmune diseases or skin diseases such as dermatitis and psoriasis can also be the reason for hair loss. If you suspect a disease, please consult a doctor. But no need to panic; in most cases, brow hair loss is not due to a disease.

    Deficiency symptoms

    Cross your heart, do you have a healthy and balanced diet? Are you possibly dieting, eating too little, irregularly or unhealthily? If your body is not supplied with sufficient nutrients, it can lead to all sorts of negative consequences, hair loss included. Especially a lack of zinc, biotin and fatty acids can lead to deficiency symptoms such as brittle nails and hair loss. A blood test at your family doctor can quickly provide more information. Often dietary supplements help to compensate for nutrient deficiencies. These are available over-the-counter in drugstores and pharmacies - most of them are not expensive.


    Fluctuating hormones during menopause or during or after pregnancy can lead to the thinning of your brows, both short and long term. But you may also suddenly notice that you have fewer or thinner brows during your period or after you stop taking birth control pills. Once your hormones are back in balance, hair growth should normalize.

    Laser treatment

    Did you have your permanent brow make-up removed with a laser? While laser treatments remove the tatoo color, they can also destroy healthy eyebrow hairs. After laser treatment, your brows often temporarily appear lighter and thinner. A nourishing oil and growth serum can help speed up the growth process.

    If you follow the above points and make some changes to your brow routine, hair loss could soon be a thing of the past. But remember, it takes time for your brows to grow back. So be patient - it will be worth it.