How to trim your eyebrows: a step-by-step guide

Some of you might not even know that trimming your brows is a thing. For others, trimming eyebrows is probably one of the greatest fears in life – after all, a brow-trim gone bad is worse than over-plucked brows. However, don't be scared; with a bit of help from our beauty experts, trimming your brows will become as easy as brushing your teeth (ok, nearly as easy).

Before we get started, when should you actually trim your eyebrows?

You should cut your brows when...
- your eyebrows are very thick & masculine.
- you have a lot of overlapping hairs that disturb your brow shape.
- your brow hairs are too long & look messy.
- individual brow hairs are out of line.
- you like the sleek brow style.

Ok, now we'll teach you how to groom your brows with these seven simple steps.

1/7 Choose the right tools

As with almost anything, having the right tools is crucial and will make a big difference in the final result. The right tools will make trimming and shaping your eyebrows so much easier. For the perfect trim, you'll need eyebrow scissors that are small and easy to use and a spoolie brush, preferably with softer bristles. Our brow scissors have a sharp and slightly curved blade and a rounded, yet precise tip that allows for precision trimming yet doesn't scratch or poke your sensitive eye-area skin. They'll let you trim your brows like a pro.

If you're thinking about using regular scissors or nail scissors, don't! Brow Scissors are specifically designed to cut brow hair and won't damage the hair when cutting. There's a reason why hairdressers use hair scissors and not kitchen scissors ;-)

2/7 Remove any distraction

We recommend clipping your hair back to prevent your hair strands or bangs from covering your brows. This will also reduce the risk of a bad trim. Plus, skipping this step can make you accidentally cut your hair instead of your brow hairs; yes, we've been there and done that. So clip away your hair!

3/7 The prep

It's time to prep your brows. We recommend filling in your brows just like you would usually do. Here, an eyebrow pencil works best. It's best if you use light and short strokes, going against the direction of hair growth to really get the pigment underneath the hair. The drawn brow shape will act as a visual guide and prevent you from over-trimming.

Now brush your brows upwards using a spoolie brush and take a close look at your brows and figure out which brow hairs need trimming. Take your time here. It's essential to have a clear plan, so you don't end up going overboard.

4/7 Let's trim

It's time to trim. Grab your brow scissors and make sure all your brow hairs are brushed upwards and into their natural direction of growth. Carefully start trimming the long brow hairs that visibly stick out above the top of your brow line. To do so, cut the ends where the hair begins to bend or curl. And remember, less is more! Don't trim them too short, as trimming too much will make it seem like you have gaps in your brows – and we don't want that! If you're a beginner, take it slow.

Our tip: Cut one hair at a time at a slight angle. Cutting multiple strands simultaneously and in a straight line will give you an unnatural, uneven, or sparse look. 

5/7 Repeat below the brow line

Now brush your brows downwards and cut the hairs that stick out below the bottom of your brow line. Again, less is more! Cut one hair at a time and make sure you're only cutting the ends. If needed, you can brush your brows into their natural shape between each cut to re-assess your work.

6/7 Check your progress

As we mentioned, over-trimmed brows can be worse than over-plucked brows. That's why it's best to re-evaluate your brow shape after every few cuts. Step back and take a closer look at your brows after the initial trim. Brush through them and assess your trim.

7/7 Touch-up

If you feel like you missed individual brow hairs or your brows still look uneven, go back and trim any stray hairs.

For best results, you can now tweeze any stray hairs above, below or inbetween your brows using our straight, slanted or pointed tweezers.

Tadaaa, perfectly trimmed brows! You're welcome ;)

Also be sure to check out our Brow Scissor Guide. If you still have questions about brow trimming, you can always contact us via chat or arrange a 1:1 consultation with our brow experts. We're happy to help you!