Soap Brows - how to

We often get asked, "How do I use Soap Brows?" Once mastered, the application is actually quite simple. However, since the application differs from traditional eyebrow products, it may take a little time to get used too. To help you with the application, we've created a cheat sheet for you:

First of all, you'll need the right products. With our Brow Soap Set, you can style your brows in no time. The set contains everything you need for perfect soap brows: Soap Booster, Brow Brush and Face Spritz. By the way, our Face Spritz was specially developed for activating the Soap Booster and ensures the best results.

 How To: 

1. To achieve a wax-like texture, you need to wet the brow soap before use. You can either moisten the brow soap with 2-3 pumps of Face Spritz or the brow brush with 3-5 pumps. The brow soap should be only slightly damp and not wet.

2. Gently rub over the brow soap with the brush and gather a thin layer of product. Less is more; the consistency should be waxy - if the brow soap is foamy or suds up, it is too wet. There should also be no clumps.

3. Instead of brushing your brows straight into shape, start by brushing them downwards (transparent brow soap) or sidewards (brown brow soap). This will ensure that all brow hairs are coated with the product from root to tip. Plus, this way, no brown brow soap residue can get on the skin.

4. Wait for about 5-30 seconds until the brow soap becomes slightly tacky. Then brush your brows upwards and into the desired shape. Depending on how much pressure you use, you will achieve a natural or laminated brow look.

5. You can apply several brow soap layers for even more hold or a more intense color result. Just wait until each coat dries before applying the next one.

6. For very stubborn brows and for the laminated brow effect, you can use the wooden side of the spoolie to press your brows against your skin. This will hold them in place all day.

 Brow Soap Mistakes 

Brow Soap residue
You might be using too much product, the wrong consistency, or a dirty brow brush. Remember, the soap brows should be slightly damp, not wet, and there shouldn't be any clumps in the brush. If so, clean it with lukewarm water. The residue could also be make-up residue. Before styling, ensure your brows are clean and free of foundation or powder residue.

No hold
Experiment a little with consistency, product amount and application. Don't forget to coat all brow hairs with the brow soap (step 3). Use more pressure when styling, multiple layers or the laminate trick (step 6). Also, try our 8 hacks for stronger Soap Brows hold.

Sticky feeling
If your brows feel sticky, you're probably using too much moisture or product.

No Color
Depending on how much product and layers you use, you can match the color intensity of the brown Soap Booster to your natural brow color. Remember, the application of the brown Soap Booster is different from the transparent one.

 Need help? 

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