Heat can damage make-up products. How?

A glance at the weather app: 38 degrees. Pfuhhh, it's HOT, and it looks like the heat wave isn't going anywhere. Some like it hot; others hide in air-conditioned rooms or jump into the pool. But what happens to make-up on hot days?

Make-up products don't like heat, especially creamy, liquid and gel products.

Here are a few things you should know about heat and make-up....

When temperatures rise, make-up products can experience several problems:

Appearance: We all know it - the broken, melted lipstick.... While heat doesn't necessarily ruin make-up, it deforms it and makes for dirty product packaging. Dirty product packaging, in turn, can mess up your purse or make-up bag - and we don't want that, right?! Plus, sun rays cause the packaging to lose color and look faded.

Effectiveness: High temperatures can break the chemical bonds between the raw materials used in the formula. As a result, functional ingredients melt, getting so soft the product becomes unusable. Thinks mushy, soft eyeliner leads... 

 Some oils used for texture can become rancid at high temperatures. In this case, the make-up is still more or less usable, but the payoff and the effect are ruined. The performance can then be very different from the original finish.

Storing make-up properly in the heat

When temperatures break the 30-degree mark, it is essential to protect beauty products from direct sunlight - otherwise, they end up like ice cream in the sun. But where do you store them?

The correct storage depends entirely on the product. Below, we will tell you how to store foundations, brow soap, nail polish, pencils, creams, mascara, brow glue and Co., what a refrigerator has to do with it and why the location of your vanity is crucial.

Skincare & liquid products
Most creams, serums and co. can be stored in the refrigerator, making them especially refreshing on a hot day. Our beauty tip: keep our Face Spritz in the fridge during the summer and spray it on your face and décolleté every few hours or whenever you need a refreshment. It does incredible good and gives the skin a moisture boost.

Creamy products

Foundations, lipsticks, mascaras, nail polish and our Brow Glue should be stored in a cool and dry place. For these products, the refrigerator is not a suitable place. The cool temperature makes lipstick fragile, mascara clumpy, and Brow Gel gooey. On the other hand, dark opaque plastic or metal boxes, cosmetic bags or drawers are optimal.

Brow Soap
Our Soap Booster has a hard consistency and does not soften quickly. However, it should be protected from heat & sun. The Soap Booster contains a high proportion of water, which can evaporate at high temperatures and cause the brow soap to shrink. It's best to store it in a shady place - preferably in a cosmetic bag or vanity drawer.


Eyebrow pencils
, eyeliner and kohl pencils can be stored in the fridge. It's even a beauty hack - cooling makes the product firmer, making drawing individual brow hairs and an eyeliner more precise. However, the products should only be exposed to low temperatures a few minutes before use.

Dry products
Powder, blush and eye shadow are very robust - high temperatures and sunlight do not affect the powdery consistency. Only hot water vapor is the real enemy and, in the worst case, can lead to mold on the surface. Therefore, dry products require dry storage.

Is your make-up table by the window?
A dressing table by the window has a lot of light; however, that could be a problem. Observe if the sun shines on the table and if the surface of the drawers heats up a lot. If so, you might want to move the table or store the make-up separately!

What do we do in the development of our products to protect them from heat?

Although heat plays a significant role, it's effect on the product may also be due to the product itself. 

When we develop a new formula, we pay special attention to critical ingredients. Oils and some low-melting waxes are the most heat sensitive, as are many natural materials. Natural raw materials are less stable and durable than synthetic products: They have excellent properties, but you must treat them with great care. The trick is to develop a product with a high proportion of natural raw materials, but simultaneously with the same durability as synthetic products.

So is it impossible to develop a heat-resistant make-up product? Not at all! The biggest challenge is to create a stable blend of ingredients: We choose raw materials with similar properties to avoid compatibility problems that worsen at high temperatures. For example, we select special oils and butter that are less likely to go rancid.

We can further increase the heat resistance by adding ingredients that strengthen the chemical and physical structure of the weak bonds in the formulation, giving the product "strength" as temperatures rise. This is a real art and often distinguishes high-quality products from standardized ones. 

Another critical aspect of developing effective products is testing. For example, our Definitely High is thoroughly tested several times at maximum temperatures of 45°C. We also test cold resistance down to -4°C: low temperatures are less demanding but can still affect the performance of the pens. 

Choose products that are heat-resistant

We have developed heat-resistant products: Our new Definitely High Duo Brow Highlighter features soft and sliding leads that deliver perfect results at low and high temperatures. Our Brow Soap remains stable at high temperatures and can be used worry-free in the summer. Nothing stands in the way of perfect, long-lasting brow looks with our products.

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