The boyfriend brow


It’s become a trend to steal our boyfriend’s things. We’re all doing it! Just admit it. We’re stealing their t-shirts, their trousers and now we’re stealing their brows, too. Boyfriend brows are basically an extended version of the brushed up brows. They are the opposite to perfectly groomed and styled brows. When it comes to boyfriend brows, the bigger, bushier and more untamed, the better! Put away those tweezers and stop trimming your brows, it’s time to rock those boyfriend brows.

Warning! We can’t guarantee that these brows will get you a boyfriend, but they will definitely turn heads.


Girl, you can wear whatever you want to. Rock your brows, either way. If you like to sleep in longer and spend less time doing your brows in the morning, the boyfriend brow is your go-to style. The boyfriend brow is best matched with the currently trending soft and natural, ‘no make up’ make up look. If your naturally brows are already bushy, then you can rock this look effortlessly. If your eyebrows are a little sparse, you can use an eyebrow regrowth serum (our’s is coming soon!) to help achieve your desired shape and volume.


It may seem like an effortless and natural look, but it still needs a little work before you can rock those boyfriend brows.

Step 1
Use the BROWLY Brow Booster and the Brow Brushto style your brow hairs and make your eyebrows appear fuller and bigger. Moisten the
BROWLY Brow Booster by which BROWLY Face Spritz (1 splash is enough). Brush the brush with the product and work it into the eyebrows. Then bring the eyebrows into the Boyfriend Brow Form. Remember, the bigger the better. The more vertically you hold the brush, the bigger and bushier the eyebrow looks. Have a look at our tutorial to see how you get your eyebrows in shape.

Step 2

Grab a thin eyebrow pencil and draw in an upwards direction to create hair-like storkes. You don’t need to draw in the direction of your hair growth. Remember, we’re going for that untamed look, so make it look natural, it doesn’t need to be perfect. Be a little wild.

Step 3

For a more dramatic brushed up effect, use a brow powder or pomade to fill in the brows. This will make your brows appear darker and fuller.