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Natural, bushy or dramatically accentuated - everyone likes them differently and everything is allowed. Step by step we show you three different eyebrow styles. Try it now ;)


Transform your eyebrows into real eye-catchers!

Natural Brows

Brush with the BROWLY Brow Booster and comb the brows in the natural direction of growth. As desired, then apply the brow growth with an eyebrow powder or pencil.

Bushy Brows

Bushy, feathery brows can be achieved if the brush is held vertically and individual hairs are emphasized with the tip of the brush. Gaps or unevenness can be filled in with an eyebrow pencil or gel by means of targeted strokes.

Statement Brows

For defined statement eyebrows, comb the eyebrows in a diagonal upwards direction with the brush. Then draw the contour with an eyebrow pencil or gel, defining the last third of the brow. Draw fine individual hairs at the starting point of the brow.


When filling in your brows, for a more natural look, use a shade that is matching your natural hair color. In general, the stronger and darker the eyebrows, the more distinctive the look will be.

BROWLY Brow Booster

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