Our new tweezers have arrived

The time has come - Our new and improved brow tweezers have arrived. You guys have been asking about there-launch of our tweezers for months, and we've been impatiently waiting for this moment. Now it's here, and we can't wait to tell you all about our new tweezers. So here they are: meet our new brow tweezers, available in straight, slanted and pointed:

So what makes them so great? Before we go into detail, let's go back in time…
Last April, we launched our BROWLY Pro Tweezers – highest quality tweezers handmade in Germany. They were selling out super-fast – you guys absolutely loved them. Unfortunately, our manufacturer had corona-related production difficulties and couldn't supply us any more. For us, a disaster. We worked on the old tweezers for more than six months and had finally found the perfect supplier. Having the production come to a complete stop gave us sleepless nights, but we had no choice – we had to find a new supplier. Easier said than done. Before we had already scouted numerous tweezer manufactures, so there was little hope that we would find another perfect match or an even better one. But we made the impossible possible and found the highest precision tweezer supplier there is. We are shocked about the quality and precision of our new tweezers, and never imagined that we would outdo ourselves and create even superior tweezers. So what makes them so unique – we know you are dying to find out ;)

To start with, the precision: If you have our old tweezers in your make-up bag, you know we place great value on a sharp and perfectly adjusted tip; after all, that's what distinguishes a good tweezer from a bad one. While we thought our last tweezers had the perfect tip, we now know they didn't. Or let's put it that way, while our last tweezers already had a perfect tip, our new tweezers have the ultimate tip. We are not kidding if we say we have never seen such high-precision tweezers. How do we know? We literally bought and tested any and all brow tweezers available on the market – yes, all of them. This is why we can proudly say, we truly believe that we have created the perfect and ultimate tweezers. The tip is meticulously handcrafted and so sharp and precise that you can literally grab any hair, no matter how small. To date, we have never seen anything like this. (Shout out to our awesome manufacturer who made this possible!)

Made in Italy: To find the perfect manufacturer, we scouted numerous manufactures from all over Europe, even the world. However, as you may know, we place great emphasis on producing as locally as possible. Wherever we can, we want to eliminate long transportation distances to decrease our carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet. Hence we knew we had to stay nearby. That's why we're even more thrilled that our new tweezer manufacturer is located in Italy – the country known for its premium-quality traditional arts and crafts. From the raw steel coil to the finished tweezers, everything is made entirely in the workshop in Italy.

Handmade quality: To achieve the highest and most precise quality, each tweezer is handcrafted. It takes a total of 6 workers, 15 steps and five days to create our high precision tweezers. Each tweezer is processed by one worker at a time, because each worker is skilled in a specific stage of production. To ensure that each tweezer has the optimal precision, the sharpest tip and perfect tension, they are checked one by one before they are finally packed and sent out. The time-intense control phase is crucial in guaranteeing premium quality so that each and every one of you can have the PERFECT tweezer.

The versatility: Our last tweezers were available in slanted and straight – the perfect all-rounder tips. However, we didn't want to stop there. When plucking your brows, you not only need precise tools, but also the right tools. Each tweezer has a specific purpose and function. To get the best results, you should always use the correct tweezer for the plucking zone. With our three tweezers, you have the perfect tweezer for any job. The straight tweezer is great when you need to pluck larger areas above or between your brows, your lips or around your bikini zone. Thanks to the slanted tip, the slanted tweezer easily glides over your skin, making it ideal for plucking below your brows. Last but not least, the pointed tweezer, our absolute hero. It's the perfect tool for plucking any brow hair, no matter how small. Thanks to its super sharp and fine tip, you can use it for high-precision plucking, as you can grab one hair at a time. Each of our tweezers is unique and carefully designed to provide you with the best and easiest plucking experience.

The packaging: We're not sure what we're more thrilled about, the new and improved tweezers or the tweezer packaging. For us, standard plastic tweezer packaging's made of plastic are a big no-no. Where possible, we want to avoid the use of plastics, especially one-time plastics. Finding the perfect tweezer packaging that is both eco-friendly and practical wasn't easy. But after long brainstorming sessions, we finally came up with the ideal packaging. Our cardboard tubes are not only environmentally friendly and recyclable, but also act as a travel case, protecting your tweezers. Simply store the tweezers inside the cardboard tube. Plus, you can easily pop them into your bag and take them with you, thanks to it's super small size. But that’s not all. The best thing about the packaging is the sound. When opening the packaging, you’ll hear a “plop”, that reminds you of popping a champagne bottle. Trust us, this sound is addicting and will have you plopping all day.

Warranty: We're so convinced by the quality and durability of our tweezers that we offer a two-year-warranty. In case your tweezers become dull, break, or have any other fault, we will provide you with a replacement tweezer. Awesome, right?

We're in love, and couldn't be happier with our new and improved tweezers. Grab yours – we can’t wait to hear your feedback!