Transparente vs. Braune Brow Soap

Unsure which brow soap to choose? You're not alone; we often get asked: what's the difference between the brown and transparent Soap Booster? The answer is pretty simple; the difference lies in the color and only the color.

The transparent and brown Soap Booster have the same base formula, meaning the staying power, texture, and finish are identical. So which one should you choose?If you ask us, both. Why? Because even though it's only the color that's different, the results you can achieve with both products differ too. Here's why:

Transparent Soap Booster
The transparent Soap Booster shapes your brows and holds them in place all day. It will give your brows instant volume and thickness, making it look like you just came from a brow lift. So it's great if you want to achieve the sleek laminated brow look. Of course, you don't have to style your brows fluffy, you can also use the transparent brow soap to simply fix the brows in any desired shape. It really doesn't matter if you have thick, sparse, many or just a few brows hairs, the transparent Soap Booster works wonders on any brow. However, depending on your natural brow shape and thickness, some people like to use additional brow products such as pencils, powders, or pomades to add some color, hide unwanted sparse areas, draw individual hair strokes or add extra definition.

Brown Soap Booster
Like the transparent Soap Booster, the brown Soap Booster shapes your brows and holds them in place all day. However, the color pigments add a beautiful cool brown shade, giving additional thickness while hiding unwanted sparse areas. Depending on the amount of product used, you can build up the color intensity to match your brow color – perfect for everyone with dark blond to dark brown hair. While the transparent Soap Booster is great for super sleek brow looks, the brown Soap Booster is ideal for anyone looking for a natural, fuller brow.

Even though they are the same product – brow soap- both Soap Boosters allow you to achieve similar yet totally different brow looks. For us, it's not an either-or; both colors are unique and shouldn't be missing in your make-up kit.

Check out the below comparison video, where you can see the difference between the two colors.

By the way, we have the perfect set for those who can't decide or love both colors: our Double Trouble Brow Set. It contains the transparent and brown Soap Booster as well as our beloved Face Spritz. So you get all brow soap products and can achieve any brow look.