What is brow soaping and why should you do it?

Ever feel like you're the last person on earth to learn about a trend? Actually, it's not a trend. It's a revolution. It is never too late to join the hype, and you should not miss out on this one!

Bold, bushy, brushed-up brows have been popular for a while now, but even with the best of brow gels, it's freaking difficult to achieve. And it makes sense, if you think about it — most of our brows grow in multiple directions but ultimately lie flat, instead of sticking up straight up. It's time to change this.

I'm pretty fortunate to be blessed in the eyebrow department. For as long as I can remember, I've had fairly thick brows with only a few or none sparse areas. Although I rarely fill in my brows, I never leave the house without a swipe of brow gel to keep the hairs in place. The downside is, my brow hairs are stubborn, and some even grow downwards. No matter what product I use, they fall straight back to their natural position after an hour or two; in other words, they are all over the place.

I've tried everything, from drugstore products to high-end. I love the natural look of clear gel, but for whatever reason, it doesn't want to keep my brows in place. This daily struggle lies way in the past. Why? Because I came across brow soap.


The idea behind soap brows is precisely how it sounds: Instead of using a brow gel or wax, you use soap to shape and set your eyebrows in place. While bloggers have repopularized the trick, it goes way back. It's an old Hollywood trick and a classic make-up artist and even drag queen technique used for photoshoots for years. Soap is perfect for getting those really fluffy, brushed-up, editorial brows that traditional brow products alone can't quite achieve.


Well… unfortunately, it's not all gold that glitters, and nobody's perfect. Traditional bar soap is not that good for your brows. For one, the pH-level of regular soap is too alkaline and can damage and harm your skin. Leaving soap on your brows can lead to irritation, redness, dry flakey skin, clogged pores, slow hair growth or even hair loss over time. Moreover, ordinary soap often leaves a white residue on brows. Let's be honest, who wants that?! Celebrity brow specialist Joey Healy also says that filling in your brows might not work for you as the soap often moves the pigment around.

But don't be disappointed! There's a solution for (almost) everything!


The BROWLY Brow Booster uses a brow-safe soap and is perfect for creating the famous "Soap Brow Look". This product can take your eyebrows from 0 to 100 real quick; it's easy and very fast to use. You'll be able to get the thick eyebrows you've always dreamed of, and if you like the laminated look, this is the perfect product for you. This innovative product was specifically developed to give you the same benefits as soap, just without those nasty side-effects ;-) The Brow Booster is mild, gentle, full of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients and can be left on the brows/skin. Gripping every single hair, it sets the brows in place and helps to keep brows looking full and fluffy with absolutely no chalky residue or crunchiness. The result is brows that are glued into position but look natural. It basically is a temporary brow lamination. Ideal for those of you, who don't want to have big brows every day.

As for putting brow soap into practice, the technique itself is quite simple. All you need is the BROWLY Brow Booster, a spoolie brush, and some water or setting spray. Over the years of using this product, I find it best to spray one spritz of setting spray (I prefer the BROWLY Face Spritz) directly into the tin. Celebrity brow specialist Joey Healy warns against using too much water since you don't want the product to suds up. Spraying right into the tin will provide you with the ideal consistency. Next, lightly drag the spoolie across the Brow Booster, until a thin layer becomes visible. If you use too much product, it will start to lather, and your brows may look a little white.

Now, it's time to style your brows. There are a few techniques that depend on your brow thickness and the look you desire. If you have thin brow hairs and they are easily tamed, then you can go straight into the styling process. Brush the coated spoolie through your brows and comb them into the desired shape.

If you are going for a natural look, lightly brush your brows towards the side. In general, the more vertically you brush your eyebrows, the more significant the feather effect. For bushy brows, I recommend brushing them half-vertically and then the tips to the side. This will give you a natural finish, but hey, you are the boss. Do whatever looks great on you!

Natural eyebrows Insta-Tutorial:

Bushy eyebrow insta tutorial:

So, what about thick brows? If you have thick and stubborn eyebrows, then you need a little extra hold. In that case, it's best if you first brush your brows downwards towards your eye. This way, you will coat all brow hairs from both sides. Once you brush your brows downwards, you then start to brush your brows into the desired position. Once again, style them just the way you want them to look.

I recommend building the product slowly. In general, less is more. If you are left with white residue, then you are using too much product, or the product is too wet. Also, for those of you who have a lot of extra fine baby brows that are barely visible (just like me), some product residue may get caught in them. Use the angled brush side to brush off any excess product.

And for those who want a little more, there is the so-called laminated look, which allows you to achieve a temporary brow lamination. Pretty cool, right? To achieve the laminated look, apply the Brow Booster as usual and wait about a minute for the product to dry. Then turn the brush over and use the bevelled brush side. Be sure to keep the brush horizontal and press your brows into the skin so that they stick to your skin. Then turn the brush over again and use the slanted side of the brush to loosen the brows a little and add some texture again. And voila, your brows are done and ready to rock the day!

Oh, and for those of you with some sparse areas or lighter brows, don't worry, you can still fill in your brows. Depending on what product you are using, be it a powder, pomade, pen, wax or pencil, you can either use it before or after applying the Brow Booster. Here it's best to find out by trial and error, as each product works differently. In general, I recommend doing your brows before any other make-up as this way nothing will mess up your foundation or powder ;-).


What I love most about this product is that you can style your brows in so many ways. Just like with clothes or make-up, I don't feel like wearing the same style every day. I change it depending on my schedule and mood. However, I was never really able to change the shape and look of my brows a lot. Now I can finally spice things up in the eyebrow department ;-) Trust me you'll be surprised at how user-friendly it is. I love the way it makes my brows stay perky and fluffy, and it keeps them that way all day, without feeling flaky or chunky. It's not messy, and I spend a lot less time on my brows than usual.

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