How these tweezers will take your eyebrow game to the next level!

Our new BROWLY Pro tweezers are now available! Find out what makes them different from other tweezers, why they are so special and why you should use them! If you think that all tweezers are the same, then listen up! After reading this blog, you will be an absolute tweezer expert and know how to distinguish the good from the bad ;)

The tweezer - probably the most essential cosmetic tool for perfect eyebrows

Everyone owns one (if not, then it's about time!). Tweezers are a real all-rounder. They are available with straight, slanted, pointed, and round tips. Depending on the tweezer tip, they are suitable for plucking eyebrows, removing facial hair, pulling out splinters, glueing on false eyelashes, delicate housework and so on. Tweezers are probably the most important cosmetic tool and should not be missing in your cosmetic bag. But what is the difference between a good tweezer and a bad one, and how do you find the ideal tweezer?

Not all tweezers are the same!

At first sight, tweezers might not look like a great masterpiece. But appearances can be deceiving. Back in the days, I didn't know that tweezers can be so different and that eyebrow plucking is actually a quick, easy and painless process. I had no idea that the quality and characteristics of a tweezer could make such a huuuge and noticeable difference. Today I'm a tweezer expert (just like you'll be after reading this blog) and know that the material, thickness, weight, tension, grinding direction, type of grinding, shape etc. have an insane effect on the plucking results.

What makes the BROWLY Pro tweezers so special?

We all know that problem. Those unbelievably annoying tweezers that simply don't pluck or grip hair, making the process of eyebrow plucking an absolute torture. Those dull tweezers have often made me very furious...!

Have you ever tried to cut something solid and hard with a blunt knife? Probably without success?! Obviously! That#s because you can't slice a carrot with a bread knife. There are special and sharp knives to cut hard things. It's the same exact same thing with tweezers. Dull, worn or bad tweezers just don't pluck well. They don't grip the eyebrow hairs properly, lose their grip, don't lie well in the hand and don't work precisely. Cheap tweezers often don't grab the hair. Instead the hair slips through the tweezers until it finds the necessary grip somewhere. Depending on your pain sensitivity, this can be a more or less unpleasant experience. On top of that, bad tweezers tear off brow hairs instead of removing them at the root. Bad tweezers are in general one of the reasons why eyebrow plucking can take ages and why most of us hate it.... But actually, plucking your brows can be an easy, quick and effortless process.

BROWLY Pro Tweezers:

We thought about every little detail of the tweezers and perfected them in every way possible. We can proudly say that we developed a tweezer that really does what it promises: pluck like a professional.

Before we go into detail, here are the main differences of the BROWLY Pro Tweezers:

  • Handmade in Germany
  • Ultra-thin and precise tips
  • Grip the hair effortlessly at the root
  • No tearing of the hair but effective plucking
  • Perfectly aligned, closes evenly and firmly
  • Advanced accuracy for professional eyebrow shaping
  • Perfect control and handling
  • Premium quality - made of stainless, high-grade steel
  • 2 years warranty & re-sharpening service
  • Handy size - 9.5cm
  • Environmentally friendly packaging - no plastic!
  • Great colourful design

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty details. It's worth reading! There are many things we're sure you didn't know!

The tip

As mentioned before, tweezers differ in thickness, to be more precise, in the thickness of the tweezer tip. The thinner the tip, the better, more precise, flawless and effortless the plucking process. The thinness of the tips is one of the main differences in BROWLY Pro Tweezers. Our tweezers have ultra-thin and precise tips. We don't want to brag, but even we can't believe how thin our tips have become - an absolute masterpiece (again, thanks to our incredibly talented and fabulous manufacturer - more on this below).

Check out this comparison ;):

The left tweezer is a high-quality premium tweezer from a well-known manufacturer. Its price is 25€. On the right is a mid-range tweezer that is available in many drugstores for about 9€. The frontal view clearly shows that both tweezers are not cleanly processed. You can also clearly see how thin the tip of the BROWLY Pro Tweezers is, compared to the other tweezers. The thicker the tip, the more difficult it is to grip fine or short hairs. Thanks to the ultra-thin tip, brow hairs are grasped directly at the root and removed with just one pluck — no breaking of the hairs and no tedious gripping. The BROWLY Pro Tweezers remove all brow hairs, no matter if thick or thin. Quick, easy and painless.

Good to know: The precision grinding of the BROWLY Pro Tweezers will last longer if you use the included protective ring to keep the tweezers closed.

Made in Germany

In comparison to most other tweezers, the BROWLY Pro Tweezers are manufactured in Germany in finest handcraft. A total of 6 people work on each pair of tweezers over several days until they are packed and shipped to you.

We at BROWLY find it very important to support regional companies. The current Corona situation shows how crucial it is to produce locally and to support the local economy. Unfortunately, nowadays most companies pay a lot of attention to the cost of a product. Their focus is on cheap and simple production costs. Therefore, many products are manufactured outside of Germany and Europe. In fact, most tweezers are produced in China, India or Pakistan because their production and personnel costs are much lower.

We look at the whole picture and take everything into consideration when producing a new product. We believe that more companies should produce locally and support German companies. Likewise, we don't think it's environmentally friendly to produce tweezers thousands of kilometres away and then ship them halfway around the world. Following the motto #supportyourlocals, we have chosen a German, family-run (and incidentally the best) manufacturer that can match our high-quality, environmental and work standards.

Curious how the BROWLY Pro tweezers are made?
First the blank is punched out of the raw sheet metal with a punching machine. Then the tweezers are ground and the two halves are welded together by hand. Next, the tweezer tips are hand by hand-filed with the utmost precision. Then the tweezers are colored. This is also done by hand. Now the inner sides of the tips are hand-filed to a hairline finish and our logo is printed on the tweezers. Finally, the small rubber cap, which holds the tweezers together, is cut by hand. The finished tweezers are carefully checked by trained eyes and are only released for sale, if they meet all quality requirements. The finished tweezers are packed with love and sent to you.

Two years warranty incl. regrinding service
We and many professionals are convinced of the outstanding quality and durability of our tweezers. We therefore guarantee that our tweezers are free from material and processing defects for two years from the date of purchase in Germany. If you discover a material or processing defect, we will repair or replace the tweezers at our discretion. Furthermore, we guarantee the sharpness of our tweezers for two years from the date of purchase. If your tweezers become blunt due to normal use, we will sharpen them free of charge.

The perfect closure of the tweezer smoothly pulls out brow hairs at the root and makes gripping individual brow hairs effortless. The perfectly aligned tips close evenly and firmly, prevent the brow hairs from slipping through the tweezers and let you shape your brows like a professional.


The suspension or tightness of a tweezer can also make a big difference to the plucking experience. An ideal tension between the two halves of the tweezers is important to be able to remove the hair effortlessly and without applying much pressure. If the tension is too weak, the brow hairs easily slip through the tweezers. However, if the suspension is too hard, you need more strength in your fingers to squeeze the tweezers together and plucking can quickly become an entire arm workout. The BROWLY Pro Tweezers have the ideal suspension to enable light but effective plucking. Thanks to the high quality and precision, the perfect tension remains, even after prolonged use.


The sleek and timeless design, the handy size and the excellently calibrated suspension ensure perfect handling and a high grip.

Premium quality

Lovingly handcrafted in Germany and made of high-quality stainless steel, these tweezers enjoy premium quality and long life. Stainless steel is an excellent choice for tweezers because the material guarantees a long life; it can be disinfected without problems; it is non-magnetic and remains rust-free.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Unlike conventional tweezers, the BROWLY Pro Tweezers are not packed in plastic. We design our entire products to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We also try to avoid unnecessary packaging waste. Therefore, our tweezers are packed without plastic and environmentally friendly.

Enough about the tweezer theory. Now, you should be an absolute tweezer professional in terms of production and characteristics, and you should know what makes an excellent tweezer. We still have to clarify the question; which tweezers are the right ones.

Slanted or straight?

Our BROWLY Pro Tweezers is available with straight and sloping tip. They are available individually or in Set available.

When do you use slanted tip tweezers?

  • Absolute Must-Have - Combination of the "straight" and "pointed" tip tweezer
  • Easy plucking, even in problem areas
  • Especially suitable for gripping hairs from different angles
  • Ideal for removing small stubble, extremely fine or ingrown hair
  • Perfect for the area just below the eyebrow
  • Versatile: Suitable for eyebrow reshaping as well as for general hair or splinter removal

When do you use straight tip tweezers?

  • The straight tip is perfect for large, flat surfaces
  • Ideal for grabbing multiple hairs at once, no matter how small they are. Perfect if you have lots of hair to remove
  • Suitable for quick and large-area plucking and is therefore ideal for the area above the eyebrow and the lady's beard
  • Firm grip allows easy and precise plucking of even the strongest and thickest hairs
  • Versatile: Suitable for eyebrow reshaping as well as for general facial hair removal

The correct application

Even if you think you don't need instructions on how to use tweezers, there are a few practical and useful tips to make the process of eyebrow plucking easier. Let's see what our brow experts say:

  1. Our brow experts recommend plucking the eyebrows when the pores are open. To do this, pluck the brows after a hot shower or place a warm washcloth on the face before. It helps to prepare the hair for plucking and reduces pain during the procedure. It is best to pluck in the evening because then the skin will be able to recover overnight.
  2. For maximum control, hold the BROWLY Pro Tweezer between your thumb and index finger near the centre of the tweezer's body. This provides the safest grip and makes handling easier.
  3. Grab brow hair with the tips of the tweezers, squeeze the tweezers together and pluck the hair in the direction of hair growth. It will remove the hair at the root.
  4. Continue until you have successfully removed all unwanted hair.
  5. To close the pores again, wash face with cold water.

What did I say?! After reading this blog, you've become an absolute tweezer expert! I suggest you go and get your tweezers and take a closer look at them. Do they have a thick tip, seem dull, not close perfectly and not grab every hair? Then it's time for a replacement...

Have fun plucking :-)