Why you shouldn't use a regular bar of soap to style your brows!

Since 2020 brow soap has become a major trend. Even though the act of using soap to style your brows has been around since years, 2020 is the year where the game-changing brow soap effect has finally received the attention it deserves.

By now you’ve probably seen a dozen brow soap videos on Youtube, Instagram or TikTok. In some of them, people are using regular soap to style their brows. But is it actually okay to use ordinary soap on your brows?

Uhmm... no.


Well… let’s start with the obvious. Do you ever get out of the shower still covered in soap, or do you rinse it off? So why would you put soap on your sensitive face and keep it on an entire day?

Traditional bars of soap are used to rinse of oils, dirt and germs. In general, most soaps are used for washing, cleansing, bathing or lubricating. So simply put, they are made to be rinsed off, especially cheaper bars of soap!

Here’s why:

1. Those tricky pH levels! If you ask a dermatologist if it’s okay to leave soap on your face, they’ll probably look at you weirdly. One of the biggest concerns when leaving soap in your brows is the pH level. While your skin and hair are slightly acidic, soap has alkaline and higher pH levels. That’s because they are surfactants which are damaging and can irritate and dehydrate the skin when exposed for extended periods.

2. The ultimate moisture killer! In an interview conducted by the magazine SELF, Lily Talakoub, M.D., dermatologist at McLean Dermatology and Skincare Center, tells SELF “When we wash our skin with a cleanser, soap, or body wash, it strips all the good skin hydrators off.” So… leaving soap on your skin can cause all sorts of skin issues such as irritated, dried or flakey skin! Plus it can mess with the natural hair growth cycle. Uhmmm... Yikes!

3. The burn! Okay, so you’ve used regular soap on your brows and go about taking off your make-up. Before you notice, your eyes are stinging like crazy. Well, what were you expecting? Everyone knows that soap burns when you put it in your eyes. Duh!

So while we get that you might be tempted to use regular soap, it’s not actually the best idea. Our Brow Booster is a registered cosmetic product and is what we like to call a ‘brow safe soap’. It was specifically created to be left on your brows, is gentle on your skin and won’t lather up. Besides, most bars of soap come in a range of packaging such as cardboard boxes and can get rather soggy and nasty. Our little tin is lightweight, plastic-free, reusable and fits into every makeup bag. Plus, since you only need a tiny amount to style your brows, the 15g tin will last you for months.

Shop our brow safe soap ;-)

Brow Safe Soap