Brow Booster becomes Soap Booster

It's official! We've launched our 2nd generation of brow soap and are so excited to finally share everything with you! We spent over a year designing our new Soap Booster to ensure the packaging was as practical as possible. Now it's time to finally share it with you!

Not long ago, at the end of 2019, we launched our 1st generation of brow soap, the BROWLY Brow Booster. When creating the Brow Booster, we thought long about which packaging to choose. Looking around, we saw that a little tin was the most common brow soap packaging style, so we decided to go with the trend. After all, the little tin is handy, durable and can be reused for many things. However, deep inside, we were never 100% happy with the packaging. The tin lacked the cuteness factor, wasn't as practical as we initially thought and reminded us too much of peppermint drops. We felt like the packaging didn't live up to the ah-mazing benefits and styling power of our brow soap.

Challenge accepted!

We wanted to create something new, something from scratch that's super easy and convenient to use as well as sustainable for our planet. Together with the feedback from our customers and brow community, we thought about every little aspect of brow soaping, leaving out absolutely no detail.

For one thing, it was always a little challenging to reach the brow soap with the spoolie. That's because the secret of getting to the soap was to bend the spoolie. We even revealed this on an instruction card that came with each Brow Booster. Many customers weren't bending the spoolie and in turn, didn't manage to coat the spoolie with enough product. Hence we knew, the packaging wasn't practical and straight forward enough.

Next, it was missing a mirror! To perfectly style your brows, you'd have to be in front of a mirror or carry another product with a mirror with you. This wasn't' very convenient, especially for people like me who just don't wear or carry around a lot of make-up. Not having a mirror made the tin somewhat unpractical and not "on-the-go" enough. Plus, we received quite a few messages from you saying how much you love the Brow Booster and how awesome it would be if it came with a mirror. We knew we needed a mirror!

Your wish is our command!

Working closely with our community and having collected all the feedback from our customers, make-up artists, bloggers and the brow soap community, we sat down and brainstormed. We needed to include all your feedback and at the same time, make beauty sustainable for you and our planet. Together with our incredible team of responsible beauty lovers, creative minds and experts, we thought about all the options and possibilities to deliver the best packaging. Let me tell you… it was a loooong meeting.

Almost one year and god knows how many prototypes later, we finally created the perfect product and are incredibly proud of it.


The Soap Booster is a complete re-design of our old Brow Booster. Our new design is the very first brow soap that comes in eco-friendly packaging. Now cardboard isn't known for its water-resistant properties, but thanks to our splash-proof colour coating, you can still spray your setting spray straight onto the soap. This was very important to us as we wanted to keep the option of either wetting the spoolie brush or spraying directly onto the brow soap. We've also added a mirror to allow you to use our brow soap anywhere and anytime. And let me tell you, this mirror is fantastic. It's so clear and sharp that I've been using it for everything: plucking, drawing my eyeliner, putting my contact lenses on… Of course, that's not all. To complete the handy kit, every Soap Booster comes with a wooden spoolie brush for a perfect and easy application at home or on-the-go.

And let's not forget to mention, the Soap Booster has all wonderful instant volumizing, thickening and staying-power benefits of our old Brow Booster. We even went one step further and created a tinted version as many of you literally begged us for it. Our unique tinted Soap Booster comes in a beautiful brown shade. It adds the perfect amount of colour and depth to create a naturally fuller, subtle look. As with the transparent formula, it gives every brow more body, volume and hold while providing extra thickness and covering those sparse areas we all hate. Thanks to its buildable formula, you can create different shades to suit your individual colour needs. Depending on the colour intensity, it allows to style your brows naturally or more prominent. Plus, having the 2-in-1 brow soap will literally save you so much time as styling and colouring your brows is all done in one step. Trust me, our brown brow soap is a game changer!

And of course, our Soap Booster is vegan and cruelty-free and doesn't contain any fragrance, SLS, SLES, PEGs or parabens.

We're so in love with our new Soap Booster and couldn't be happier with how it turned out. We really exceeded our goals and your dreams and have created the ideal go-to brow soap product. Our Soap Booster is everything we've ever dreamt of, and we can't wait to share it with you.

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